'Harry Potter' Inspired 'Mudbloods' Trailer Proves Again That 'HP' Fans Go Hard Or Go Home — VIDEO

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I'm not gonna lie: Whether or not a school had a Quidditch team was one of the many factors that went into my college decision process. I didn't end up joining the team at the school I ended up at, but its very presence was enough for me — it told me that I was among my people. People who took J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books to weird, wonderful new levels and didn't think twice about what the rest of the world would think. Those seem to be the same type of people who made Mudbloods, an upcoming documentary about muggle quidditch.

Recently over on Pottermore, J.K. Rowling sparked a small resurgence in public discussion of Harry Potter through some content in which Rita Skeeter effectively "liveblogged" the Wizarding world's Quidditch World Cup. Thing is, the muggle world has a Quidditch World Cup, too — and it's been going strong since 2007. And before you ask about the logistics of muggle quidditch: They hold the brooms between their legs (an added interesting obstacle/challenge), it's kind of like a mashup of soccer and rugby, and the snitch takes the form of a cross-country runner type clad all in yellow and whom the seeker is tasked with tracking down.

Mudbloods, which is directed by UCLA student Farzad Sangari and which premiered at the AFI DOCS festival this past June, follows UCLA's quidditch team as they make their way to the annual IQA World Cup tournament. You can see the trailer below:

My only note to them is that it may be off-putting to some Harry Potter fans that the film's named after the Wizarding world's biggest slur. But we also don't actually live in the wizarding world, so there's only so much slur-policing one can do when it comes to things like that.

This is also hardly the first documentary muggle quidditch has had made in its honor. Here's the trailer for another, Brooms Up!, whose trailer explains some more of the games' logistics:

USQuidditch on YouTube

And here's a story CBS did about the 2010 World Cup in Manhattan:

CBS on YouTube

And here's the really epic ad for that same year's World Cup:

USQuidditch on YouTube