Watts Takes on Princess Di in 'Diana' Trailer

Kate isn't the only princess making headlines lately.

On Wednesday, the trailer premiered for Diana, the Princess Diana biopic starring Naomi Watts as the ill-fated royal. While there is much to tell about Princess Diana's life, the new film — directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel — will focus on the last two years of Di's life. Two things that we'll see in the film based on the trailer: Diana's passion for charity work and her passion for surgeon Hasnat Khan, the last man to capture the heart of the woman who captured the hearts of millions.

Diana appears to be an extremely personal look at the princess, focusing on her relationships and her sense of isolation despite her fame. While there's little dialogue in the trailer, the film already seems to be doing a great job at capturing some iconic moments from Diana's life.

According to reports, Academy Award Winner Naomi Watts was "petrified" to take on the role, but eventually decided that she couldn't turn down the part. While some may suggest that this intimate portrayal of Diana comes a bit too soon — her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, are already very much in the public eye — Watts has said she believes the story is one that would be, and needed to be, told.

Image: Ecosse Films