Muppets Lipton Iced Tea Ad Serves as a Reminder That Tea Is a Muppet Dinner Party Necessity

While I always fancied them a ginger ale crew (don’t ask me why), the Muppets take their iced tea VERY seriously. In one of the Muppets' Lipton ads, Kermit and friends gather around a lovely outdoor table for Miss Piggy's dinner party. The canopy and light fixture hanging overhead plus the well-manicured garden in the background make the entire setup look like it’s about to be photographed for a Pottery Barn catalog spread. It couldn't be more perfect.

Yes, Miss Piggy is happy to spend this time with her closest pals, but she can't move on from the beautiful gathering she put together.

I should take this hobby and turn it into a career, she thinks as she sets down the serving bowl of spaghetti. The showbiz life has been fun, but this could be my chance to move on. My chance to break out on my own. My chance to be my own Muppet.

She looks at the stunning floral centerpiece she crafted with her own gloved hands. I could be the Muppet Martha Stewart. I could have my own magazine.

She clutches the string of pearls around her neck and gasps.

I could have a line of cookware at Macy's.

As she straightens out her ruffly garden party frock, ideas for a Miss Piggy lifestyle brand flood her mind. There isn’t anything that could ruin this moment for her.

Until Animal takes of a swig of some “no flavor” water, that is.


And like that, Miss Piggy drops the fantasy of creating her own lifestyle brand. She makes a mental note to delete her Pinterest account. She doesn't care about the Macy's cookware line anymore. She cares about one thing and one thing only: GET ANIMAL BACK FOR WHAT HE DID.

But before Miss Piggy can yank the tablecloth away or smash the hors d'oeuvres platter over Animal's head, Kermit and his pitcher of Lipton Iced Tea save the dinner party.

That night, Miss Piggy breaks out her bedazzled headlamp reading lamp and pores over a stack of Martha Stewart Living mags.

Before she knows it, it's 5 a.m. She powers down the reading lamp, pushes the magazines off of her bed, and closes her eyes.

Yes, she brings up tea here and there, but Martha never says anything about Lipton Iced Tea making or breaking a party, she thinks, a smug smile spreading across her sleepy face.

Kermie and I could teach her a thing or two.

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