The 'Below Deck' Season 2 Cast Is Full Of New Faces

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The show that made you want to pack an extra suitcase full of Purell the next time you set out on a Caribbean cruise is returning. That's right, Below Deck is back for Season 2. Below Deck follows the adventures of the mega yacht Ohana and her faithful crew, led by Captain Lee Rosbach. Lee is back from the first season, along with Ben Robinson, Kat Held, and Eddie Lucas. There are also five new crew members joining Below Deck, and a new boat as well (Season 1's Honor apparently had other commitments). There are only so many activities you can get to on the confined space of a boat before you turn to sex and drinking, so Season 2 is bound to have just as many tipsy fistfights and awkward hookups as the show's maiden voyage last summer. Let's check in with the remaining originals, and see how they'll fair alongside their new coworkers.

Image: Ali Goodwin/Bravo

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