This Is What Happens When Gay Men Draw Vaginas

by Julie Alvin

A few months ago, BuzzFeed came out with a video called "Men Explaining Vaginas," wherein a bunch of dudes supplied often hilarious and often misinformed responses to questions like "Where is the cervix?" and "Where does pee come from?" (Hint: The answer is not "the anus.") Now, in the latest instance of "guys explaining girl parts," we have the enlightening Gay Men Draw Vaginas Tumblr (and Instagram account and Twitter handle).

The project started when founder Shannon O'Malley, a writer, asked her friend Keith Wilson, a gay man who is a filmmaker and visual artist, to draw a vagina on the tablecloth when they were having dinner. His highly inaccurate rendering inspired them to ask more gay men to do the same, and the results range from accurate to funny to beautiful to ridiculous. The pair is now running a Kickstarter campaign to create a book — more specifically "220 pages of full-color vag drawings," both by artist types and average Joes, that will be "perfect for dignified dinner parties, or that special holiday homecoming." Maybe a nice hostess gift next time you go to your significant other's parents' house for dinner? Or get lunch with your pastor?

Confirming the mystery of the illusive vagina is this social experiment video Kotex put out a few years ago, which seems to indicate that society seems largely comfortable talking about penises, while vaginas take on pet names like "lady parts" and "down there."

Eager to start your vaginal education? Check out this Kickstarter video and make a donation so this book can become a reality.

Images: gay_men_draw_vaginas/Instagram