Cheryl Hines Marries Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In the Most Kennedy Way Possible

There's something mystical and weird about the concept of being a Kennedy. They have a family compound. Now the legendary family has welcomed another soul into the fold — actress Cheryl Hines, who just married Robert F. Kennedy Jr. It should be noted that the main photo in the New York Times announcement is one of the most Kennedy images I have ever seen.

Hines and Kennedy were married in — where else? — Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, on the Kennedy Compound at the home of Robert's mother, Ethel Kennedy. They've been together for over two years and were introduced by Larry David, with whom Hines starred in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hines and Kennedy got engaged this past May, and according to what they told the Times' Bob Woletz, they originally meant to elope:

Originally, Ms. Hines said, “We had wanted to elope with the kids.” (He has six and she has one.) But then they decided they should include their mothers. “Then more and more relatives kept coming,” she said. “The next thing we knew, it was a wedding.”

They describe the ceremony as casual, but this is Kennedy-casual, so take that with a grain of salt, because John F. Kennedy used to live there with Jackie. I would be remiss if I let a post about the Kennedys pass by without a reference to Grey Gardens.