7 Feelings Sia's Version of "Diamonds" Will Leave In Your Cold, Dead Heart — VIDEO

Hearing singer-songwriter Sia belt out any one of the brilliant songs she's penned for other artists is a treat and a half. (I mean, hi. The songs are awesome and her voice is nuts. What's not to love?) But there is one Sia-sings-a-song-she-wrote-for-someone-else performance that stands out above the rest. "How could someone ever pick?" you ask. "They're all so perfect." Yes, you're correct. The perfection levels are off the charts. Yet somehow, I managed to choose a favorite and I'm ready to shout it from the rooftops, er, on the Internet: a little ditty made popular by Rihanna called "Diamonds." Sia cowrote the sick-nasty hit, Rihanna scooped it right on up for her 2012 album Unapologetic, and the rest is historiri.

Back in 2012, Sia performed “Diamonds” at the Norwegian-American Achievement Award Ceremony. And there is a video. And it is... [fans self]. Whenever I want to feel all of the feelings, I know I can count on Sia's pared-down rendition of the Rihanna jam to do the trick.

(Before I continue, allow me to make one thing clear: I am as obsessed with Rihanna's version as I am with Sia's version. "Diamonds" is my favorite, but I do not have a favorite among the two "Diamonds," you dig?)

Here are the feelings that'll overtake your entire being while you watch and listen to Sia slay "Diamonds":

Like You Might Break Down In Tears At Any Given Moment

The power level of Sia's voice and the power level of the song will be too much for you to resist. The combined powers will overpower your emotions. And that's okay. Just let it out.

The Strong Desire To Sing Like An Angel

Wouldn't it be awesome to wake up one day and just melt eyeballs with your voice?

Like You'll Never Be Able To Put Your Hand Down

You're in it.

That You Will Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Yes, please.

The Same Way You Felt When You Watched McKayla Maroney Stick That Landing During the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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Tuckered Out

You know a song is on another level when it leaves you feeling like you just climbed Mount Everest.

So Very Content

So... good... can't... feel... face.

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