Watch Benedict Cumberbatch's Jar Jar Impression

Remember that time Benedict Cumberbatch recited R. Kelly lyrics on Jimmy Kimmel and a lot of people were left really uncomfortable with how the knowledge that they even had the ability to be turned on by R. Kelly lyrics? You might not have that problem this time around. I would say you for sure won't, but I don't know you, so you might? In any case, Benedict Cumberbatch busted out his Jar Jar Binks impression.

Once again we have MTV's Josh Horowitz to thank for this beautiful display: He played "geek or poser" with a bunch of celebrities he lured into his web. He also made good use of Cumberbatch's first foray to San Diego Comic-Con, because I really, genuinely did need to see Benedict Cumerbatch declare his hatred for the universally hated Star Wars character. I also needed to see him suggest "check his teeth before he leaves for work" as the end of the sentence "Lannisers always...," because what the hell, Benedict?

Other people who are in this video include Daniel Radcliffe (who really should get on watching Game Of Thrones), Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of Key & Peele, and Channing Tatum, who "didn't mind" Jar Jar. Kevin Smith, predictably, is pretty good at knowing the geek facts. And no one knows what all the Riddick movies were called.