'Teen Wolf's Malia Finally Knows the Truth About Her Paternity, So What's Next For Her & Peter?

There has long been a dramatic storyline peeking out from behind Teen Wolf 's Malia, waiting for its time to pounce. It was also tall, buff, snarky, and very prone to manipulating teenagers and laughing like a cartoon villain. And, well, the secret's out: Malia knows Peter's her dad. So what's she gonna do with this information?

As for now, the possibilities for her reaction is wide open. Malia found out about Peter at the end of the episode, when she recovered from the illness that had spread through the episode — she got her sight back and, alas, saw her name listed as "Malia Hale" on the Dead Pool. Given that Stiles had told Scott specifically not to tell her about her paternity, it's hard to tell if she's more upset at the revelation itself or that her dude conspired to keep it from her.

Regardless, this opens up a lot of opportunities. Part of Stiles' reluctance in telling Malia about Peter was a direct result of Peter's past evil deeds: If Malia goes to him that puts her in the direct position of being manipulated by Peter. Anyone who's seen Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer can attest to the Big Bad possibilities of morally ambiguous teenage girls bonding with fathers/father proxies with evil plans. With all the drama in Malia's backstory pertaining to her family, she might take a blood bond more seriously than most.

So will Malia be going to the dark side? With Scott on her side there's always a chance the forces of good will retain her loyalties. We'll really just have to wait and see. But I've gotta be honest: I'm no fan of Peter Hale's manipulation of teenage girls — but seeing Malia go all Faith Lehane up in this joint has its potential.

Image: MTV; Tumblr