'RHONY' Aviva & Carole's Feud Went From "Book-gate" Blowout to Tense Stalemate

We had almost forgotten the endless misery of "Book-gate," until the Real Housewives of New York City reunion put Aviva and Carole back at one another's throats. It dominated the first half of Season 6 when Aviva chose to randomly claim she heard Carole uses a ghostwriter on her books, which Carole vehemently denied. Things got even weirder when Aviva revealed she was working on a book and wasn't using the services of a ghostwriter.

But since the show ended, the two have become like mirror images of one another. Seriously, check it out and see just how much they've started to copy each other.

Image: Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Carole's Book: 'The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating'

Carole’s long-awaited followup to her 2006 memoir What Remains is a fictionalized exploration of being a widow reentering the dating pool. Fans of both her first book and her performance bought the book, and while it didn’t spend 20 weeks on the bestseller list like Remains did, it was well received.

Image: Carole Radziwill/Twitter

Aviva's Book: 'Leggy Blonde'

Aviva’s book, brought to the world by committee (though at no point was one of those committee members a ghostwriter, insists she), finally arrived in late February. Reviews were okay, and the book sold, but it was no runaway hit.

Image: Aviva Drescher/Instagram

Carole's Twitter: Dogs and Memes

Carole loves interacting with her fans, answering questions and expressing gratitude. She also has fun with her book promotion.

Image: Carole Radziwill/Twitter

Aviva's Twitter: Family and Feuds

Aviva’s Twitter feed is mostly filled with familial updates and pictures like this one of her son at camp, but she’s also been known to retweet a lot of pretty rude comments from the rare Aviva fan targeting the other ladies.

Image: Aviva Drescher/Twitter

Carole's Instagram: Travel

Carole may not be the greatest photographer, but it doesn’t matter because she’s taking pictures of incredible vistas around the world as she travels. Of course she also makes time for relatives and friends, but she can still jet off halfway around the globe every two weeks all summer.

Image: Carole Radziwill/Instagram

Aviva's Instagram: Family and Photoshoots

Aviva’s Instagram has even more pictures of her family, who are unnaturally good at getting everyone sitting still at once, in addition to a lot of behind the scenes looks at the magazine spreads she’s been shooting nonstop since Season 6.

Image: Aviva Drescher/Instagram

Carole's Style: Edgy Blonde

None of the Housewives can match Carole’s edgy personal style. Unfortunately, am I the only one who hates the blonde on Carole? I know it’s her “natural” color, but I’m just not a fan of that shade.

Image: Carole Radziwill/Instagram

Aviva's Style: Hamptons Lite

Say what you will about Aviva, but she always looks put together. While her interior design leaves something to be desired, with that hideous yellow wallpaper, her personal style is usually on point. And though she might want to shake up the center part every once in a while, her blunt cut is always the perfect length with a blowout, impressive in the NYC humidity.

Image: Aviva Drescher/Instagram

Both Ladies Have Their Allies

Both Carole and Aviva have friends on the RHONY cast. Carole has Heather, Kristen, and LuAnn, while Ramonja are on Team Aviva.

Image: Heidi Gutman/Bravo

It's a Stalemate

While Aviva’s ad hominem attack on Carole’s writing bona fides will always be offsides in my book, you can’t deny that they both have bounced back strong in their post-Housewives lives. Both have hit books, spend a ton of time online with their fans, dress well, and have some real friends on the Housewives cast.

Image: Heidi Gutman/Bravo