When Cows Hear Lorde's "Royals" They Get Just As Excited As the Rest Of Us Do — VIDEO

It looks like human beings aren't the only species that adore Lorde, particularly her first hit single "Royals." Understandable, considering it's an amazing song that's not only commentary on hip-hop culture and how lavish it sounds in every rap song you can think of, but also a perfectly constructed pop song lyric and melody-wise. Still, though — who'da thought cows would love "Royals" by Lorde as much as the rest of us?

Definitely not me, but clearly, I need to learn more about cows. Farmer Derek Klingenberg doesn't, though, because he knew just how much cows love Lorde — and it's all depicted in this video of him playing "Royals" on his trombone to call a massive amount of cows to him, they not only love it, but they come running when they hear it. Just like drunk clubbers who freak out when their favorite song gets spun by the DJ, only cows are cuter.

You can check out the video below. I've got to say, there's almost something majestic about seeing the first cows begin to run towards the farmer from over the horizon, clearly moved by the melodies of "Royals" and its unsung lyrics, "I've never seen a diamond in the flesh..." Nature truly is beautiful.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg on YouTube

(Also, can I just point out that this Farmer Klingenberg guy is actually kind of an Internet superstar? His Frozen parody "Do You Want to Drive My Tractor?" is pretty hilarious.)