"Planned Parenthood Flavor" Ice Cream Is The Best Excuse Ever To Grab A Cone

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's common knowledge that ice cream unites everybody, so why not try hijacking that unity for a cause? That's the motive behind Portland, Oregon-based ice cream shop What's The Scoop's Planned Parenthood ice cream flavor. Called "Rose City Revolution," the honey-vanilla ice cream complete with candy rose petals was served at a Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon fundraising event in July as a way to support access to and funding for reproductive health care. Unfortunately, not everyone was down with Planned Parenthood-flavored ice cream — or women's health.

According to What's The Scoop owner Jodie Ostrovsky, this was the second time the ice cream shop partnered with Planned Parenthood. When the shop debuted the flavor last year, it "went off without any reactions or comments," Ostrovsky told Eater.com. But things went a bit differently this year when the anti-abortion website LifeNews picked up the story, criticizing the shop for supporting the "abortion giant":

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has announced that a local ice cream parlor has created an ice cream just for them. No it will not be called Blood and Scream!

Now, it's not surprising that an ice cream shop in Oregon would support Planned Parenthood and access to reproductive health care: Oregon is one of the only states in the U.S. to not have any restrictions on abortion. It's worth noting that the original Facebook ad for the "Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood!" event didn't include the words "abortion," "pro-choice" or "reproductive rights."

Still, anti-abortion activists couldn't bear to see an ice cream flavor specially designed for a Planned Parenthood fundraiser, nor that 10 percent of the proceeds went to the so-called abortion giant. Anti-abortion supporters went so far as to leave the shop threatening phone calls and disturbing voicemail and Facebook messages, including these ones below:

Ostrovsky — whose shop supports a wide variety of causes, including cystic fibrosis — hasn't let the online controversy stop her or her customers from raising money for women's health care. She told Eater.com:

Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization that does so much to help women have access to affordable healthcare. The fact that some people only focus on what is such an infinitesimal part of the service they provide is confusing to me.

LifeNews, of course, disagreed, but the virulent website is very happy that "the ice cream business is wrapping up its Planned Parenthood fundraiser and moving on to legitimate charities." The website is also urging its readers to complain "politely" to the Portland ice cream shop.

If there's one positive aspect of this "abortion outrage," it's the money and support What's The Scoop? has raised over the last couple of weeks for reproductive health care. Ostrovsky says the controversy has brought extra publicity to the shop, and she hopes it will continue to raise awareness of women's health care.

Unfortunately, the Planned Parenthood ice cream is no longer available at What's The Scoop?, so Portlanders — and visitors to the area — will just have to console themselves with Bourbon Toffee, Brown Butter Almond Brittle or Mint Chunk.