Dame Helen Mirren Twerking Should Simultaneously Win & End This Trend — VIDEO

Earlier this year when Dame Helen Mirren showed off her twerking skills while accepting the Hasty Pudding Club's Woman of the Year Award at Harvard University, I figured this was a once-in-a-lifetime event: Seeing Helen Mirren, famed actress who starred in The Queen, twerking in public, surely couldn't happen more than once? Welp, I was wrong: Helen Mirren twerked on Live With Kelly & Michael when the Harvard University appearance was brought up, and this time, co-host Michael Strahan joined in too. On national television.

Gotta say, Mirren's skillz (it has to be spelled with a 'z,' obviously) kind of blow everyone else's out of the water. Can we all just agree that it's never going to get any better than this, and let the trend die out now? Please?

For what it's worth, this isn't even the second time that Mirren has twerked — while previous instances haven't been in public, Mirren did admit after the Harvard event that she's attempted twerking in the comfort of her own home before: "I've tried in my bedroom, in private, in front of the mirror, very unsuccessfully, so [it was] absolutely humiliating to have to do it in public in front of a whole load of people."

I think it's safe to say that Mirren has found her groove. Check the video below.


Image: YouTube