Baby Dancing to "Dark Horse" By Katy Perry Is Adorable & Hilarious — VIDEO

Babies, amirite? Who would have thought these tiny little creatures could evoke so much wonder, amusement, and confusion all at once? Certainly not I, but that was before I saw this video: Apparently, some parent who was exasperated with their child crying nonstop, as children do, decided to play Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" to calm their child down — as parents generally don't do. Miraculously, it somehow worked, because their kid is a budding pop music fan who either finds Katy Perry's voice hilarious (see the laughter she's emitting) or, like, the best thing she's ever heard.

Yes, this video is adorable, and this child is adorable, and everything about this whole situation is adorable. But that said — anyone else notice that the look on her face is literally the same as the baby who was rocking out to a Kid Cudi song in that video from a few years ago? Is this just generally how babies dance? Is pop music secretly controlling babies? So many questions.

Oh well. At least it stops the crying and is hilarious to watch. Perry herself even found it amusing when she tweeted it out last night, along with the very fitting caption:

You can check out the video below.

Eva Baker on YouTube

Image: YouTube