Sia's "Burn The Pages" Would Be Right At Home In A BFF Road Trip Movie & Here's Proof — LISTEN

Looks like we might have a new Sia - ngle on our hands! Monday, singer/songwriter/pop music extraordinaire Sia uploaded "Burn The Pages" onto her YouTube channel, and many (myself included) think this may be a hint that the song could be the next single off of 1000 Forms of Fear. I am ready to hear this song on the radio one million times. You hear me? I am READY.

The first time I listened to Sia's new album, I thought “Burn The Pages” sounded like something that’d be right at home during a rom-com/BFF-com road trip montage. It's been a month since 1000 Forms of Fear dropped, and I continue to stand by that. The song’s bright, mood picker-upper, drive-with-the-top-down vibe is undeniable. Whenever I hear "Burn The Pages," I see the same scene in my head. And yes, that scene is a road trip scene. Great guess!

Here's some setup for the "Burn The Pages"-inspired road trip scene that happens in my mind: Our protagonist Petunia has been dumped by her long-time beau. She’s a mess. She spends a week in the same pair of sweatpants. She only listens to a post-breakup playlist she curated the night she was dumped. The playlist alternates between Limp Bizkit and Elliott Smith. She cries and dances to every song.

Her BFFs Agnes and Melody intervene.

And they have the perfect remedy: ROOOOAAAAAD TRIIIIIIP.

The twinkly opening chords of "Burn the Pages" begin as Agnes and Melody help Petunia pack.

Ack! Get outta there, cat!

As the song's claps fire up, the trio of friends hops in the Melody's convertible.

The beat kicks in and the road trip hath begun.

During the first verse, Petunia demands they stop at a drive-thru.

As the bridge swells, Agnes tells a weird joke about a turtle.

Then, something amazing happens during the chorus: Petunia laughs for the first time in days. Agnes's joke was a slam dunk!

"It feels good to laugh," Petunia says.

Yesterday is dead and gone and so today/Place your past into a book/Burn the pages let them cook

She laughs so hard she farts.

Both the car and the song go silent. And then, the trio of friends can't stop cackling.


They begin to weep. Melody pulls over and throws the car in park until she regains composure. Once they've calmed down, the road trip and the song resume.

Yesterday is dead and gone and so today/Place your past into a book/Burn the pages let them cook

The friends have a blast and a half.

The song then cuts to the clapping at the 2:05 mark and we're treated to some stock road trip scenery.

As the final bridge, chorus, and round of "Oo, oo, oos" fade out, the friends arrive at their destination.


What happens after that? I don't know. The scene in my head ends when the song ends.

Sia on YouTube

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