The Most Adorable Way To Add Sparkle To You 'Do

Ready for your "I can't tell if this is cool or really weird" trend of the day? Say hello to Charmsies.

Basically, Charmsies are tiny charms that are affixed to a sheet of plastic. You peel off the white backing, stick the Charmsies tape to you hair, sticky side down, obviously. Then you run a hot flat iron over this sticky strip for four seconds, max, pull off the tape, and the hearts and stars, or whatever design you've chosen, will be left clinging to your strands. It's like bling, but for hair! Squeal! I was clapping like a seal! Even the name is whimsical and flirty.

Still with me? Did you go, "Wait? WTF? Flat-ironing a strip of tape to your hair? How did you not go up in flames?" I know, I had the same reservation when I was reading the directions.

But despite the apprehension, I was still thrilled and almost anxious to try them, since the packaging makes it look like someone sprinkled fairy dust in your hair, no matter how you wear your locks.

Up, down, braided, ponytails, whatever. Charmsies cooperate with any and all styles. But since I always wear my hair down — the reasons of which I discussed at length when Blake Lively admitted she was a hair-as-protective-curtain girl, too — Charmsies present an instant, comfortable hair accessories option for me. Oh, and if the cutesy name had you picturing those tacky iron-on denim details from the '90s, don't worry — these guys are small and totally chic.

Who knew that a little envelope of tiny hair charms could be so much freaking fun?!

The Charmsies took a few tries to get right. You can't worry about mistakes; that's the beauty of the product, since the sparkles and charms are meant to look effortlessly tossed about your nest of hair.

After the first go, I smelled something burning-ish. It wasn't full-on burnt hair or even burnt paper or anything like that. It was just burning... ish. I was worried for a hot sec, literally, that the Charmsies were melting into my hair. But I ran the flat iron over the strands, pulled the tape, and the golden charms stayed. All day. Longer than waterproof mascara. I look like a lightning bug, with little flashes of gold sprinkled throughout.

That said, you HAVE to be careful. Using a heat styling tool on anything but hair can create a hazard, so I implore to use caution so as not to singe your locks or worse. The packaging disclaimer issues a stern warning, so don't mess around. Heat for four seconds and then remove the tape, pronto.

So yeah, it's four easy steps. Stick, heat, pull, and enjoy. I can easily see myself OD'ing on Charmsies and ironing tons of them into my hair. I kept them a minimum and on the left side of my hair this time out. But when I move, more of the Charmsies become visible, so it's a constantly renewable look. Yay!

Oh, and I almost forgot. How do you get them out? You can brush them out gently or remove with conditioner. Mine came out with total ease and no healthy, viable hairs were sacrificed or removed in the process.

Images: Hair Charmsies (4); Amy Sciarretto (4)