'Real Housewives of New York': Why Watch When You Can Tweet?

Undoubtedly, this "Reunion Part 2" episode of Real Housewives of New York was far better than the last in terms of pacing, drama, and the opportunity for a hearty laugh at nearly everyone's expense. But, as usual, there were just some things that did not need to be rehashed. Namely, #BookGate. Which, at this point, is a straight trip to yawn city. We get it, y'all. Didn't we already spend enough time on the issue during the first six episodes? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Despite that one quirk, there were actually so many other juicy points to touch on in this installment. There was Ramona's little tiff with Andy over her marriage being questioned, Sonja and LuAnn's continued feud (if we can even call it that because I'm not sure Sonja is aware it's happening), Kristen's admission of how bad her marriage played out on screen, and, most importantly, how Andy pacified Sonja during commercial break like she was petulant child.

All in all, the episode was pretty freakin' great. But rather than just go through the motions and repeat everything back to you, I'd like to let the experts speak. And by experts, I mean the great and respectable people of Twitter, who, as everyone knows, are always morally upright, pensive, and well-spoken. So, more importantly than what occurred on screen, what did the masses (and the ladies) think of this episode?

Check out the reunion commentary below:

Noticeably absent from tweeting Tuesday night after telling people to check out the reunion?


Hmm. ...