Hillary Clinton Fake-Surprises Stephen Colbert On 'The Colbert Report'

Hillary Clinton may have made some hard choices, but we doubt Tuesday night's TV appearance was one of them. Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance on The Colbert Report Tuesday, to the mock-dismay of host Stephen Colbert, whose rant about Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, was interrupted when Clinton appeared on the stage. During Clinton's eight-minute segment, Clinton and Colbert engaged in a playful name-dropping war, mentioning Hollywood actresses, English musicians, and Ecuadorian presidents alike.

This isn’t the first time that Clinton has appeared on late night television. Avid Comedy Central viewers might have noted that Hillary also appeared last month on The Daily Show , where she and host Jon Stewart also promoted her book and danced around the subject of her potential 2016 candidacy. In case you missed it, the highlight from her Daily Show appearance occurred during her mock-interview with Stewart, where Clinton stated that, in terms of her future office, "the fewer corners that you can have, the better."

Geddit? Corners? Oval Office?

We know, it's exciting. Could Hillary's appearances on comedy shows be an attempt to appeal to a younger voting demographic in light of her (cough, alleged) 2016 presidential aspirations? Maybe they represent her attempt to counter right-wing suggestions that, at 66, she's too old or outdated to be the next U.S. president.

Or, maybe, just maybe, Hillary's capitalizing on popular television shows to boost sales for her seemingly daunting, 656-page memoir.


Whatever her intentions, some people aren’t convinced that this is the best strategy for a potential presidential candidate. Washington Post reporter Erik Wemple wrote that Clinton’s Colbert Report appearance was “an embarrassing display” of cheap jokes and flattery. Similarly, certain Reddit users lamented that modern politicians are resorting to comedic appearances to gain national support.

Where might Clinton might pop up next?