When Is 'The Sims 4' Coming Out? The Release Date Is Great News... Unless You Have A Mac

If you're a fan of meddling with the lives of tiny, hapless simulated people as though you were God, we've got big news: The latest installment of The Sims is nearly upon us! And it looks like quite a blast — modestly and brightly rendered as ever, the world of The Sims is a worthy playground for your loves, hates, and bizarre social experiments. So, I'm sure you're wondering: How long do you have to wait? When will The Sims 4 be released?

Well, you're in luck, because you haven't got too much longer to wait — The Sims 4 is scheduled for PC release on Sept. 2 throughout North America, which means your new favorite life-sim time-killer is less than a month away! It's hard to contain the excitement, assuming you're eager to embrace both the triumphant moments of life and the gross, mundane ones, in classic Sims style. After all, you'll still get to tend to things as exhilarating as your little guy or gal's marriage proposals, and their dispiriting bathroom habits alike.

As per usual, you'll get to play a full range of your Sim's everyday life moments. Eating, smooching, working out, cleaning, obstinately refusing to clean — the whole works.

On top of the casual enjoyment of playing the game, there's a political aspect to take some pleasure in — the knowledge that you're also sticking it to Russia's persecutory anti-LGBT laws! That's because the game received an adults-only rating within Russia, thanks to its inclusion of same-sex relationships.

Representations of same-sex love available to children are explicitly, legally forbidden in Russia, thanks to their "LGBT propaganda" law signed by President Vladimir Putin last year. So by all means, why not strike a blow both for non-linear life simulators and for LGBT awareness all at once?

It's not all good news, however — while The Sims 4 will be available on PC Sept. 2, sadly, you Mac users may have to wait a while longer. According to Electronic Arts' website, the Mac release has no determined date.

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Images: TheSims/YouTube