What Is Eco-Kosher Shamanistic Parenting? 'Extreme Guide to Parenting' Takes A Look at a Unique Family

A new day, a new reality-TV show — that's just the way it goes. And thanks to Bravo's newest reality adventure Extreme Guide to Parenting , we'll all have the chance to watch some seriously extreme parents raise the next generation of human beings. According to Bravo, the docu-series will focus on various couples and their children throughout the season, and give a "candid and unfiltered look into some of the unique and unconventional styles of raising children." (Will there be a TLC/Bravo crossover featuring Mama June's parenting tips? I hope so.) Thursday night's season premiere will include a family that practices "eco-kosher" and "shamanistic" parenting, and hopefully explain what that actually is.

In future episodes there will also be some more traditional parenting styles that you've probably heard of before — one episode will focus on "helicopter" parents — but the premiere is certain to quickly broaden your knowledge of potential parenting options. In the first episode, we'll be introduced to two families: the Adler family and the Masterson-Horn family. And although the Masterson-Horn way of parenting is somewhat common — they practice the hands-on "all baby, all the time" method — the Adler family practices the aforementioned "eco-kosher" and "shamanistic" method of parenting. (Technically, based on Bravo's video clips, it seems like mom Shira is the only parent in the family who follows this specific type of parenting.)

So what exactly is a "shamanistic" parenting style? Well, it pretty much has to do with leading an all-natural lifestyle. Take a look at Shira's unique methods.

Shira is a big fan of aromatherapy

Using aromatherapy regularly, like Shira does, means that she is using a fragrance to "alter a person's behavior or mood" before they do anything.

Shira likes to feed her children all-natural foods

Shira has made the choice to feed her daughter and son only natural foods that have come from the earth. Bye-bye, Captain Crunch.

Shira uses crystals

Andrew Clark on YouTube

She uses a crystal-singing bowl that's tuned to a certain frequency. According to a Dr. Oz segment, sonic therapy is an ancient form of healing that "can help you curb cravings, improve your memory, sleep better, and tame migraines."

Shira believes in power animals

For instance, her son Yonah has a water buffalo as one of his predominant power animals, and, according to Shira, "they hang out in the backyard a lot."

Although Shira's methods might seem a little out there, according to Bravo, she adopted her parenting style for a specific reason: to help treat her son's overactive personality. Hey, to each her own.

Image: Bravo