'Batman v Superman' Release Date Moves Up To Get Their Lady Superhero Offering Out First

In the race for the first standalone female superhero movie, it seems Marvel has been given the brunt of the responsibility. This burden may be well-placed, since Marvel has been switching up its white-bread male heroes with a more diverse cast for some time in the comics. Even so, DC's wealth of female standalone comics should indicate that they're at least a contender for the First Post-2010 Female Superhero Film. Even if DC beats Marvel to the punch, it would be troublesome for them to make another Catwoman: great in theory, terrible in execution. Nonetheless, it's time we stop giving Warner Bros. and DC an easy way out when it comes to superhero movie gender equality.

As if anticipating my tepid critique, DC announced Wednesday that they would be releasing the much-discussed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice two months earlier than originally planned. This means that fans will get to see the first modern Wonder Woman on March 25, 2016 instead of May 6. Of course, Marvel will have already released Avengers: Age of Ultron at that point, but it will allow Wonder Woman to beat the third Captain America installment to the box office. Of course, that might mean that Warner Bros. is nervous about the depth of this character, or the movie as whole, since they no longer think they can compete with Marvel directly. Either way, the first studio to make a standalone film with a powerful non-objectified heroine will truly win the superhero movie battle of our generation.

Image: Warner Bros.