Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's New Home Sounds Crazy Awesome Except for One Small Thing

Is it me, or do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to constantly be buying/fixing up/talking about homes? In fact, I could have sworn I saw them down the road from me the other day with a local Re/Max agent. Fingers crossed they move in. It'll be a real hoot to see Kim try to parallel park on a one-way street. No, but, really, Kim and Kanye did just buy a new house... and although it might not have the luxury of having a ShopRite but a stone's throw away, it does have two vineyards. So that's cool, I guess. Another "feature" of the $20 million estate previously owned by Lisa Marie Presley? It's five minutes away from Kris Jenner's home. Not exactly a selling point for your average potential buyer, but for Kim, that's basically the equivalent of telling her that every Vogue cover for the next 20 years will feature her on the cover. In other words, the girl really likes living near her mother. (And vice-versa!)

Kim has been shacking up with Kris for some time now, and since it's probably not super healthy to live with your mother with your new husband and baby for too long, it's high-time the Kardashian-Wests move out. But... would it have been so bad to move a little bit further away from Kris? I mean, it's great that they're such a tight-knit fam, but sheesh, every once in a while Kanye's gotta wonder if and when they'll ever get some privacy.

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Of course, the fact that K and K's new digs have two vineyards, two swimming pools (one with a slide for North), and a 1,050 square foot "entertainment pavilion" probably softens the blow a bit. Hell, I'd move in with Kris Jenner for those kind of amenities.

Okay, fine, you got me. I'd move in with her for free.

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