Screech Gets Schooled

by Caitlyn Callegari

If you haven't heard the outrageous news, Screech, aka Dustin Diamond, wrote a book and that bashed his Saved By The Bell co-stars, namely Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and the overall experience he had filming the series. But Gosselaar and current co-star on Franklin & Bash, Breckin Meyer, shot down Diamond's claims in an interview with HuffPost Live. And let's be honest here, who the hell is going to believe Screech over Zack Morris and Travis from Clueless? That's right, no one.

While Gosselaar is a mature adult and doesn't appear to be phased by the news, I on the other hand, am not as mature or level headed. In fact, I'm livid. I'm not really sure who the hell Screech thinks he is, but he is NOT going to get away with dissing Saved By The Bell if me, Travis, Zack, Kelly, AC, Jessie, and Lisa have anything to do with it. If he doesn't believe me I will get Mr. Belding on his ass and have absolutely no remorse about it.

Try me, Punk.

Here's how I imagine a young and impulsive Zack Morris and his unruly gang would react to Screech's book full of haterade:


Pride. Pure pride.


Ain't nobody with this great of hair got time for that.


As if Lisa Turtle didn't hate him enough already. Puhleaseeee.


If you think she gobbled down those caffeine pills before, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Maybe she'll even drink a cup of coffee this time.


Someone just got SERVED...detention.

Images: Giphy (4); aimorris/Tumblr