Taylor Swift Reveals Clue #2 To Her Upcoming Album & We Have An Idea of What it All Means — PHOTO

Earlier this week, the first clue to Taylor Swift's upcoming album was unveiled on Instagram. The clue, an Instagram video of someone (probably Swift) punching the 18th floor button in an elevator, let much to be determined. What was so important about the video? Will the album have to do with the number 18? Elevators? Fingers? All of the above?! While we had a few days to ponder the video's meaning, Taylor Swift just dropped a second clue for us to mull over.

The clue is a second Instagram, the normal, non-video kind. It's a screenshot of someone (probably Swift)'s iphone. The background image is a small kitten sitting in a bookshelf. A watercolor stencil is sitting in one shelf and some books rest next to the kitten. The time on her phone reads 5 pm. SO, what can we gauge from these two clues? Here are my guesses.

1. The 18 represents August 18th, the day her album (single?) will drop and the 5 pm represents the time in which we'll get to finally indulge in some new Swift tunes.

2. The 5:00 time could also be an indication that it's her 5th album. But honestly, that just seems too easy.

3. This is my best guess, and one that I think would be most satisfying to reveal as the truth. The two numbers, 18 and 5, when added together, equal 23. 18+5=23. Because her last album's single off of RED was titled "22", it would only make sense that her next would be "23". Perhaps her entire album is titled 23.

Oh, Taylor, how you love to toy with us! To review:

CLUE #1:

CLUE #2:

Images: Instagram/taylorswift [2]