VFiles Gives the Tumblr Crowd a Spectacle for NYFW

VFiles is up to something new and cool for fashion week this coming season. The online fashion entertainment community, with digs in SoHo, will produce a show – make that a spectacle – showcasing new and essentially unheard of designers, sourced through their online community. VFiles exists to allow entertainment and conversation to flow among members of the site, where users can build, create, and share their fashion ideas.

The fashion show, emphasis on show, will feature the creations of three designers (basically three total unknowns) whose work was judged based on the GIFs, lookbooks, videos, and illustrations they submitted to the site on their VFiles profiles.

Shows at New York Fashion Week can cost in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, making it hard for the un-funded newcomers to find an audience for their collections. VFiles is giving the opportunity to designers who ordinarily wouldn’t have a voice during the shows, and not only will they have the platform to showcase their talent, but fans will actually be able to shop the designs, both online at VFiles and at their SoHo set-up. This is an even more exciting turn; following the path paved by luxury and extremely high-end retail site Moda Operandi, shoppers won’t have to wait until normal retail season to snap up goods.

So what can we expect when the fruits of these designers labors materialize on September 4? The three designers who were chosen from the VFiles community are Maria ke Fisherman, Sam Mc, and Ammerman Schlosberg, from Barcelona, London, and New York, respectively. Their looks and inspiration, though they vary from designer to designer, do share that je ne sais tumblr aesthetic — which seems appropriate, given that talent was sourced solely online.

Viva la Web revolution!

Images: VFiles