Kim Kardashian Is Trying for Baby Number 2 Because the Future ‘KUWTK’ Cast Needs It

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The Kardashians were put on this earth for one reason, and one reason only: so that Kris Jenner could eventually rise to power as an omnipresent dictator of the highest degree. Once her original set of money makers, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, have grown old and gray, Kris is going to need a new set of Kardashians for the world to keep up with. Thankfully, Kim and Kourtney have been working hard to pop out the next generation of KUWTK stars. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim Kardashian said she's trying for baby number two, and since older sister Kourt is currently preggo with her third child. When the tots eventually get old enough to rule the E! Network, what might the new cast be like? Let's take a look.

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