'True Detective' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

For a show that's only aired eight episodes, True Detective has had a pretty huge impact on pop culture. There was the culmination of the "McConaissance," the change-up in the Emmy race, the discussions it prompted about everything from mini-series to sex work to the underrated gem of an actor that is Woody Harrelson. And then, of course, there's the fact that five months after the first season ended, we're still talking about it — not to mention obsessing over every detail there is about the show's upcoming season two.

While True Detective's second year is likely still a long while away, the information has been pouring in, from the possible lead actors to the setting of the story to the creepiness of the plot. Whether to actually believe any of it, though, is a bit trickier; few of the details released so far have been confirmed by HBO, so for all we know, the series premiering in 2015 will be nothing like the one fans are getting hints of today. Still, for those of us waiting anxiously to see the darkest drama on TV return, any information out there is something to take seriously. Here's everything to know about True Detective season two so far:

The Leads

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If all the casting rumors were to be believed, True Detective's season two would star 15 people, and about 14 of them would be men. Over the course of the last few months, actors ranging from Colin Farrell to Benicio Del Toro have been suggested as possible leads, and although no star has yet to be confirmed, here's what we know: Christian Bale said no. Jessica Chastain isn't involved. Brad Pitt's rumor went nowhere. As for the ones that actually sound promising, Farrell, Taylor Kitsch (above), Vince Vaughn and Michelle Forbes have all had their names thrown into the ring. And when Elisabeth Moss was asked by Vulture if she'd been cast, she skillfully talked around the question, making her involvement a major possibility.

The Setting

Season one of the show was memorably set in Southern Louisiana (above), but for season two, it's moving across the country to California. Where within the state hasn't been confirmed; creator Nic Pizzolatto has said that it won't be Los Angeles, but rather some smaller, lesser-known part of the state.

The Format

Like season one, True Detective's second season is said to contain eight episodes, and Pizzolatto will once again be the writer of each one. That's where the similarities end, though; as an anthology series, each season will feature entirely different content and characters, and unlike season one, season two will feature different directors for each episode.

The Plot

The piece of information that matters more than anything is still mostly unknown. HBO exec Michael Lombardo has said that the scripts for season two are "more exciting" than those for season one, but as for what actually happens, that's still being kept quiet. Recently, The Wrap reported that the season will surround the murder of a corrupt city manager who was in the midst of making a huge transportation deal, and that three investigators will be tasked to find the culprit. Characters would include Frank Semyon, a seedy former thug working with the mayor; Ani Bezzerides, a no-nonsense sheriff; and Paul Woodrugh, a troubled military veteran. The only problem? It's still just a rumor, until HBO issues any type of confirmation. That said, the plot does sound feasible; a brutal murder, dark characters, and corrupt law enforcement? Sounds just like the True Detective fans already know and love.

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