Just-Hired Oklahoma Teacher Found Drunk & Pants-Less On First Day Of School

My stepmom works at my old high school, and she always talked about teacher-work days like they were some kind of magical, happy fun time. But for one Oklahoma teacher found drunk and pantless on her first day, the good times have come to a screeching halt. On Monday, the newly hired teacher at Wagoner High School was found slumped over in an empty classroom she believed was hers by two coworkers.

When they found the teacher, she apparently smelled of alcohol and wasn't wearing any pants. By the time the police showed up, school officials found shorts for her to wear.

After searching her car, the police found a cup that smelled of vodka, which wasn't enough to prove that the teacher was intoxicated while commuting to the school. Though she admits to drinking before heading to the high school on Monday, she's been charged with public intoxication alone.

The school district has been tight-lipped about the issue, and it is unclear what punishment she'll face from the school, though parents are calling for some sort of repercussion on local media outlets. “I don’t know, as an adult, I just don’t know how you can be a professional teacher and teaching young people, and then show up drunk,” Frank Sandiford, a parent of a Wagoner student, told KOKI.

Some parents also told KOKI that she should at least have to sit out some of the school year for her alleged pantless party in the classroom. As for the legal side of things, she's already been arraigned and was released on Tuesday evening.

I mean, everyone gets nervous going back to school, including the teachers. The freedom of summer is quickly waning, and you're forced to think about life with books, tests, and grades. Still, this most definitely was more than a last hoorah. If anything, let this be a lesson to nervous freshmen of what not to do on your first day in school.

Keep your pants on, kids. Inside of school and outside of it, too.

Can we also note that this is exactly like a scenario out of Bad Teacher ? Except I guess when you're Cameron Diaz you get away with everything.

Images: Screenshot/KOKI