'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Pumpkin Is Your Typical Teenager with a Few Extra Quirks

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It can't be easy being one of four sisters, especially when one is a pint-sized pageant queen and there are cameras following your every move. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo 's Lauryn, aka Pumpkin, however, still seems like your typical teen — with a few exceptions.

In addition to the reality TV attention, Pumpkin was in the news last year for some upsetting behavior. Mama June became aware through her Facebook page that daughter Pumpkin was cyberbullying her classmates via Instagram. Pumpkin had released two instagram videos calling two particular girls "fat and ugly," which is terrible in and of itself, but doubly worse since Mama June is an anti-bullying activist.

One of the victimized girls' mother took to June's Facebook page calling her a hypocrite and making her aware of the situation, to which the matriarch responded immediately, rescinding Pumpkin's internet privileges and making her apologize to the girls she lashed out at. Pumpkin would also go on to post an apology on Instagram.

So with that drama behind her, what has Pumpkin been up to since then? Thankfully, she's moved into more positive behavior, with her social feed full of proof she's just like any other teen.

Image: TLC

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