See Him First Photo From 'The Walk'

by Mallory Schlossberg

Be still, your beating twee, ukelele-playing, Moscot glasses-wearing hearts! You can see the first photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe Petit in Robert Zemeckis's new movie, The Walk. Okay, maybe it's not the twee-est picture of JGL you've ever seen, but it's still Gordon-Levitt, so yeah, you're interested.

In the pic, you'll see the chameleon-like Gordon-Levitt with a totally different hairstyle than his usual 'do, and you may also notice that he looks more mature; it's a big departure from his 500 Days of Summer or Don Juan looks — and that's pretty cool. Might this be his role that prompts some attention beyond the blissfully twee set? Will his performance as the famous high wire strolling Parisian who illegally walked between the Twin Towers nab him some nominations? Oh, so many questions!

The movie recently wrapped production, which means we'll soon have some answers. 'Til then, you can anticipate the movie, or you can just look at this photo of JGL. Whatever. The world's your oyster, or should I say — the world is your wire to walk upon.

Also, take note: This photo proves that there are multiple uses for wine bottles after you drink their glorious contents. Wine is the gift that keeps on giving.