Kama The Surfing Pig Is GoPro's Latest Star, And You'll Want To See His Sweet Moves — VIDEO

By now you've probably seen some guy snowboarding down a Colorado mountain or an extreme sports fanatic jump out of a plane, all through the lens of GoPro, the camera that clamps onto you and records your adventures exactly as you experience them. You might even be a little sick of the action recordings (they're a little nauseating, plus you want these people's lives). But the latest video redeems the invention: A surfing pig named Kama used GoPro to record his epic rides through the Hawaiian waves.

Since we're all a little jaded, you're probably thinking, "Another surfing animal? Yawn." But this one is different, we promise. It's not another video of some twisted humans sticking a poor creature on a surfboard, shaking, confused, and terrified as it gets pushed out to sea. We almost feel bad watching those. No, this is Kama the pig we're talking about. Nobody's forcing Kama onto a board; Kama's the one calling the shots. In fact, surfing is Kama's favorite hobby, and he's pretty decent at it, too.

According to his human owner, Kai Holt, Kama discovered his love of water and surfing when he fell into the pool as a youngster. Since then, he's been accompanying Kai to all of Oahu's best surf spots to hang ten.

"He knows what he's doing," Kai says in the promotional video for GoPro's HD HERO3+. Kai explains that Kama will adjust his position on the board depending on the movement of the wave — that's more than most humans who have tried surfing can say.

Kama was apparently built to surf, and may have an anatomical advantage over us humans. "His hooves just lock right in on the board," Kai says. "If you look at his board, you'll see all the hoof prints on the nose." "His board." That's adorable.

"He likes it big. ... His favorite waves are, I'd say, like, three to four feet — Hawaiian style," Kai says. "When it's small, like one, two feet, he gets real bored." Clearly Kama is reaching expert level. He doesn't have time for the kids' stuff.

"After the end of a wave, he'll be like '[standard pig noises],' like he wants more," Kai says. I think we may have a surf junky on our hands.

Check out that action shot. Kama keeps his cool — and balance — even when the waves get ferocious.

"Dude. This is epic."

That's a pretty large board for such a small pig. According to Kai, Kama is a vegan, which helps keep his weight down.

Obligatory snout shot.

Watch the entire video of Kama being righteous below.

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Images: GoPro/YouTube