New Ways To Die In 'The Sims 4' Include Death By Laughter, Flies, Cowplant...

There’s a lot to be excited about with the pending Sims 4 release, from new personalization features and building controls to a wider range of emotions and a gay marriage option. But there’s also, it seems, a lot to be afraid of. Sims 4 introduces new ways for your Sims characters to die, and some of them might not be what you expect.

If you think way back to the original Sims version, your Sims characters were relatively safe from harm. Sure, they could drown in a pool if you let them go for a swim and then paused live-play to delete the steps, or die in a fire if you have them cook a nice meal or light the fireplace and then eliminate all doors and windows. But, unless you were a little sadistic and tried to make these things happen, it was pretty easy to keep your Sims alive.

Now, however, all bets are off. In the latest version of the game, there is a whole host of new ways that you can send your Sim to the grave. From evil plants to wayward drones, danger seems to be around every corner in Sims 4.

Death by laughter

In the Sims 4, “dying of laughter” is no longer just a figure of speech. The Sims 4 introduces a range of new extreme emotions that can actually cause Sims characters to die.

Death by Cowplant

In case you’re out of the Sims loop, Cowplants are “bizarre bovine vegetation that are large enough to swallow a Sim whole.” In past Sims versions, only toddlers have been spared from this gruesome death-by-plant, as the game prevented them from being able to take the vine-cake that the Cowplant offers as bait. Unfortunately, the Sims 4 has gotten rid of toddlers and pools (an odd pairing), so now no one is safe from the Cowplant’s attacks.

Death by Flies

With all of the new personality features and emotions to tinker with, it can be easy to forget to make your Sims keep tidy. But beware: If you let too many dishes pile up in your Sims’ home, “there is a chance that flies could form a killer swarm” and eat your Sim alive. Lovely.

Death by Poison

As the creator, you have control over the poison and the antidote, so you can be as malicious or gracious as you want.

Death by Satellite

This one’s a little Back to the Future. Apparently, any time that your Sim looks up at the sky for some bird-watching or star gazing, he or she is at risk of having a satellite fatally falling on them.

Sims traditionalists, fear not — Sims 4 will also feature more “generic” deaths by hunger, fire, and disease as well.