8 Fantastic Smizing Moments In Christina Aguilera & Ricky Martin's "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely"

Throwback Thursday is always a special day, but this was a particularly special one since Ricky Martin hit us all with a doozy on Facebook. Ricky Martin posted his classic video for "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely," which features the one and only Christina Aguilera. Aguilera was in a very particular phase in her life back then in 2000 — not a genie in a bottle anymore, not yet dirrty — but one thing was certain: no matter where she was on her musical journey (and to fill you in, it was right after that song on the Pokemon soundtrack and right before "Lady Marmalade") the girl knew how to SMIZE. Not only was she a smize-master, but so was her fellow vocalist Martin.

In case you forgot some of those moments when Aguilera and Martin looked DIRECTLY INTO OUR COLLECTIVE SET OF EYES, fear not. It's now time to re-live the scariest smize moments in "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely." Because when you're lonely, you gaze longingly into the camera and portray sadness on the inside, flirtatiousness on the outside, so that you're not lonely anymore. Pop music science. Obvs.

Ricky and Christina, this ballad truly withstands the test of time. It's just... these moments.

Eyes + greenery = PENETRATING GAZE

That's right, Ricky, smize it up

He's talking to us with his eyes

Obligatory just eye-shot

And now, for some Christina

The setting for this video was pretty epic, if you ask me. The architecture steals the show, and BY THE WAY, makes total sense. Ancient architecture = symbols of loneliness. Just ask the encyclopedia of pop music videos.

Nobody wants to cry, because it messes up your false eyelashes

Seriously, Nobody wants to be lonely

Okay, I concede — that is not a moment of smizing, but it's worth pointing out that Ricky Martin is mysteriously pulling up his shirt like he's showing a doctor his rash. Just saying. Also, while I'm at it, let's discuss this picture for a brief moment.

I mean

So lonely. So far — yet SO CLOSE. Ah, the wonder and power of the music video in 2000.

You can enjoy the video in its smizing entirety below.

RickyMartinVEVO on YouTube

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