Beyoncé and Jay Z Have Lost Their Chemistry Now?

Say it ain't so! The rumors that Beyoncé and Jay Z are headed for a divorce have never been more frequent and, in fact, every day there seems to be some new evidence that the fact that they've managed to hold out this long has everything to do with money and nothing to do with actual affection. If they're not sleeping in separate hotel rooms then they're, apparently, barely acknowledging one another on stage. At least, that's what the latest source is telling Us Weekly. According to reports, Beyoncé and Jay Z were "all business" during their last show in the U.S. leg of the On the Run Tour and barely connected with each other at all.

Even the night before, all was not well in the land of Bey and Jay. "It felt very frosty. Normally they kiss and seem affectionate, but for this show there was just a quick peck at the end," said one US Weekly insider who went to a show in San Francisco. Beyoncé and Jay Z are becoming notorious for the frequent PDA they show during their joint tour as if flashing their relationship in the face of all the haters, but if even their on stage chemistry is slipping then could this really be the final proof that their relationship is two seconds away from finished?

As always, I wouldn't grab the Kleenex just yet. There are plenty of reasons for why Beyoncé and Jay Z's chemistry would have been off for the last few shows of their tour. In fact, it might not have to do with marital troubles at all.

1. They were just tired.

This seems like the obvious answer to me, but considering it was the last show of the U.S. leg of their tour then it's possible that Jay Z and Beyoncé were just exhausted. They've been traveling across the country and playing home movies for us, people. Who knows if they're getting a good amount of sleep every night? Obviously they can still put on a good show while they're half-asleep, but exhaustion could be all it is.

2. They had an argument.

Maybe they'd had a big argument right before they came out on stage. According to Us Weekly's source, their lack of chemistry was "palpable" so it's possible that they can't perform well as a unit when they're angry with each other. However, every couple needs to have an argument every now and then, so this could actually be an indication that their relationship is as healthy as it's ever.

3. The divorce rumors are getting to them.

Clearly Beyoncé and Jay Z can't so much as go on the Internet without hearing about their own upcoming divorce and with Beyoncé's Instagram game being so strong it's possible that she made the mistake of Googling herself and saw exactly how bad things have gotten. They might actually be planning to get a divorce or they might not, but seeing it in print everywhere they turn has got to be hard on them.

4. They miss Blue Ivy.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume they're not carting Blue Ivy around from city to city every day that they're on this tour. Then again, they could be, but they definitely don't have her on stage. The two parents could just be sad because they're away from the daughter they both love so much, which explains why they seemed so down until they played a home video featuring Blue Ivy.

5. They're running out of steam.

Again, they were on the last leg of the U.S. section of their On the Run Tour. Even if they're as in love as their PDA would imply, they have got to be getting sick of one another by now. Perhaps Bey and Jay could benefit from a small vacation away from each other for a while. Secretly, of course, or the divorce rumors will only get worse.

Image: beyonce/Instagram