Watch NBC's Kerry Sanders Test Anti-Mosquito App On Air, Which Ends Badly — VIDEO

Mosquitos suck — literally and figuratively. So, it was only a matter of time before we could get rid of these painful pests with a handy iPhone app. But a news reporter found out the hard way that maybe technology can't solve everything: NBC reporter Kerry Sanders tested out a mosquito repellent app on live television, and what happened to him was pretty excruciating to watch.

The Today show dared Sanders to try out the mosquito-repelling app, which allegedly emits a high-frequency sound that keeps the blood-sucking insects away. To test out the app, Sanders had to stick his arm into a transparent cube full of hundreds of hungry mosquitos. "You guys make me give blood on these stories, literally," Sanders said before placing his arm into the mosquito trap.

The app's website warns that it doesn't provide "100 percent cover," but it will lessen the pain of mosquito bites. So, was that the case when Sanders used his arm as mosquito bait?

Although the noise seemed to be working when Sanders tested the app on-air, the repellent part — which, you know, is kind of important — wasn't. To the horror of the Today hosts, mosquitos swarmed Sanders' arm almost immediately. "Ouch! This does hurt," Sanders said.

After waiting a few moments, Sanders admitted, "I don't think this app works." Meanwhile, back in the Today studio, his colleagues were yelling at him to take his arm out already.

TODAY on YouTube

By the time Sanders pulled his arm out of the cube, he had about 300 mosquito bites on his hand and arm. "Just an average day in Florida," Sanders said, laughing through the pain — or so we imagine. Matt Lauer joked that he had a shark repellent he wanted Sanders to try next week, though we doubt Sanders will be back to doing extreme experiments any time soon.

Looks painful, doesn't? Fortunately, the Today show had followers tweet their best mosquito remedies to Sanders. Sanders' favorite suggestion? Several mojitos.

Image: NBC