And now, for 'Below Deck' 101

by Kayla Hawkins

It's been over a year since we last saw the crew of Below Deck serve, sweep, and argue their way into our hearts. Since then, the details of their adventures may have faded, but don't worry, because here's a complete recap of the hijinks the Below Deck crew got up to in Season 1 just in time to tune in for the Season 2 premiere.

As the crew sailed around the Caribbean last season, we saw all manner of guests, from the photographers who had their charter cancelled due to the cocaine they brought on board, to the bad tipping vegans. Onboard the luxury yacht Honor, captained by the amazingly deadpan Captain Lee, the crew struggled to maintain their professionalism, did anything that was asked in order to maximize their tips, and screwed up constantly.

Of course, by the end of the season most folks had their own trademarks: Adrienne peppered every interaction with "I'm your boss," Aleks had some seriously terrible eyebrows, and CJ constantly tried to take off his shirt. But if you're looking for something a little more detailed, look no further than this episode-by-episode guide. And I've made sure to include a few Kat GIFs that should help jog your memory.

Previously, on Below Deck...

Episode 1

The crew meets for the first time. Kat is one of the few who's spent years as a steward, and her resultant casual attitude about drinking on the job gets on chief stewardess Adrienne's nerves. Adrienne is an uber perfectionist who chafes with inexperienced sailors Sam, Eddie, Dave, and CJ.

Episode 2

We see a lot of partying and relaxing from the crew when their charter falls through (especially Kat, who manages to stay out all night and still show up to work in the morning), contrasted with the constant scrutiny that comes with a new group of high maintenance guests. Sam and CJ flirt, starting the most boring will-they-won't-they in reality TV history.

Episode 3

Captain Lee is disappointed in Aleks and Adrienne's management, so they get even tougher. Kat has to pick up all the slack from Sam's negligence… which gets her even more upset with Adrienne. Sam makes out with CJ, and UGGGGHHHH — I apologize, that's just my involuntary reaction towards this non-romance.

Episode 4

Adrienne's "friends" come on board, but prove to be complete jerks and the polar opposites of her Type-A personality. The show gets touching when Sam and Kat bond over the death of Sam's sister and then jointly complain about how they'd be much classier rich people than Adrienne's pals.

Episode 5

The guests sexually harass Kat, who drinks to deal with the pressure. Unfortunately, that breaks the rules of the charter, and Adrienne forces her to admit it to a furious Captain Lee. BLLHUUGHUUHHLL more gross Sam & CJ romance. (Just mentally add these two to every episode so I don't have to relive them talking about cereal anymore.)

Episode 6

The girls all try to switch rooms because no one wants to sleep near Adrienne while the crew plan a shotgun wedding. *Cough* — skip this one — *cough.*

Episode 7

Below Deck gets seXXXay when the crew has a canceled charter and get three days off as a result. It's a cross between a snow day and an episode of The Love Boat. Kat sneaks off the boat when the captain grounds the crew for the night, not understanding the difference between him "controlling" her unfairly and "being her boss."

Episode 8

Finally, everyone realizes that CJ is the absolute worst. Seriously, I would rather bunk with grumpy Captain Lee over clingy CJ any day. And Kat starts to realize that she might have a drinking problem, or, at the very least, a getting drunk problem.

Episode 9

Completely fatigued, the crew and the audience are suffering from claustrophobia and hangovers. CJ ditches out before the final charter, but he misses Adrienne flirting with the guests and the best tip of the season. Before you know it, It's time to disembark from the Honor and move on.

Congratulations! You are now totally prepared to receive the excellence that will be Below Deck Season 2.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo; Giphy (8); Reality TV Gifs