You Can Buy Her Maleficent Shoes Now

Attention, Disney nerds: Angelina Jolie and Christian Louboutin are collaborating on a Maleficent -inspired shoe to make all your dreams come true. According to the Telegraph, the Malangeli heel is the shoe that Jolie famously wore on the press tour for the film. If you don't remember the breathtaking, red soled heel, then allow me to refresh your memory. The heel is sculpted in a way that curls away from the sole in an effort to mimic a wisp of smoke. During the tour Jolie debuted black, white, and gold versions all of the same design, all equally fantastic.

Naturally, the shoes will cost you: they come in at a cool $1,600, which is pretty much expected for a pair of custom made Louboutins. The Telegraph reported that the heels will feature nude mesh to create "an illusion of magic." Although the collaboration is a bit surprising, the result is absolute perfection.

It seems that Louboutin and Jolie got along splendidly. "It is exciting to work with someone who has such a strong aesthetic and character. Getting to know Angelina through a fun collaboration has been one of my greatest pleasures," Louboutin said. And if you can manage to scrounge up that cash, at least you're doing some good in the world: Some of the profits will go to SOS Children's Villages, an organization that helps orphaned and abandoned children.

You will now be able to wear both Maleficent-inspired jewelry as well as shoes.Both are gorgeous, but both will cost you nonetheless. I can feel your evil shopping senses tingling.

Images: Getty Images