Rihanna Might Buy a Soccer Team, Because That's Just What Really Rich People Do

There are a few things that rich people seem to just end up doing at least once in their lives: They either fly on (or perhaps buy!) a private jet, hang out with other cool, rich people, and buy a sports team. Rihanna has already done the first two, so it's time for her to complete the trifecta, apparently: According to the Daily Mail (which of course is a total beacon for all true and reliable gossip stories...not), Rihanna is interested in buying a soccer team in the UK. Football team, if you will — and are anything like me and hate it when the term "soccer" is used in lieu of "football" because the US thinks Football is like, the Raiders. What can I say? I'm a football snob.

Besides the point, though: Back to Rihanna! This is from the Daily Mail about Rihanna's apparent plans:

According to reports, the Diamonds singer has her eyes firmly fixed on buying a UK football club, after she's set up a soccer academy in her native Barbados.

A source said: 'At first we thought Rihanna's desire to be involved with soccer on a business level would soon blow over. We figured she was still on a high from the World Cup.' [...] 'But now it's becoming clear she really is serious. She's talking about setting up a football academy in her native Barbados. Then her big dream is to be involved with a UK club.'

I should probably mention at this point for responsible and ethical reasons, once again, that this news is not confirmed and comes from the Daily Mail. But other publications have picked it up, and Rihanna's love of football has been documented in the past — it's not totally farfetched. One thing's for sure, at least: If Rihanna bought a football team in the UK, she'd definitely be the hottest sports team owner in the world. Work it, girl.

Image: PopCrush