12 Songs to Get You in the Mood for Back to School (Yes, It’s Possible)

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Remember in May when that final bell tolled and you threw all your books in the air in carefree celebration? And then you skipped home blissfully rocking out to Alice Cooper's "School's Out?" Well, although school is still out for what little remains of the summer, that whole "forever" business ain't necessarily so. (Cue record scratch.) That's right. We're approaching that all-to-familiar mid-August gloom, when the reality of homework and tests and alarm clocks starts to set back in. Let's have a brief moment of silence for those who are forced to endure more time in the clutches of education.

WAIT. Scratch that moment. School doesn't have to be so bad! You've got friends! You've got parties! You've got football games! And if you're not into any of those things, you're not alone. Make friends with those other people and throw a party about how much you hate people, parties, and organized sports.

Still not pumped to run through the halls of your high school? I've got a backup plan. Below you'll find a playlist that aims to satisfy everyone's back-to-school feelings: pro-school, anti-school, cheer captain, or the one on the bleachers. Which reminds me...

1. Taylor Swift — "You Belong With Me"

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Nervous about whatever bout of unrequited love you'll be faced with this semester? So was Taylor Swift. And she's Taylor Swift.

2. The Ramones — "Rock & Roll High School"

LiebermannRamone3 on YouTube

Actual Rock & Roll High School might only exist in the movies, but that doesn't mean you can't pretend.

3. Beastie Boys — "Fight For Your Right (To Party)"

TheBeastieBoysVEVO on YouTube

This one's a winner if your parents are always on your back. Specifically about smoking and porn.

4. Asher Roth — "I Love College"

AsherRothVEVO on YouTube

I'm not condoning all of Roth's extracurricular activities. Just his enthusiasm.

5. Nirvana — "School"

0foofighter0 on YouTube

This one's the perfect antidote for when you're feeling emo about the absence of recess.

6. Belle & Sebastian — "We Rule The School"

Nightmarish666 on YouTube

Now that's the attitude!

7. Chuck Berry — "School Days"

Nick W on YouTube

"Good luck," says Chuck.

8. Vampire Weekend — "Campus"

youarelikepoison on YouTube

This is shockingly the only song on this list that mentions kefir!

9. Jackson 5 — "ABC"

Czikes on YouTube

Never too late to brush up on the basics.

10. Pink Floyd — "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2"

dsotmFTW on YouTube

Do yourself a favor and watch the video too.

11. Beach Boys — "Be True To School"

Isaac Baquerizo on YouTube

Certainly the tamest on the list, but a little school spirit never hurt nobody.

12. James Brown — "Don't Be a Dropout"

Maik Damelaik on YouTube

And the moral of the story, kids? Stay in school.