'Fashion Police' Guest Lydia Hearst Is A Total Fashion Guru & Media Mogul

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Even though she has all the money she needs in the world, Lydia Hearst (yeah, the Lydia Hearst of the Hearst empire) has made quite a name for herself, and not just because she got help from her media mogul family. After moving her way up the ranks in the fashion world, Lydia Hearst will guest star on Fashion Police with Mary Lynn Rajskub and of course, the regular FP crew. While Rajskub will be cracking jokes, we can depend on Hearst to give us the real scoop on what’s trending and who dressed like a total train wreck.

While many of us know her last name and everything about her family, there aren't too many details about her personal life that seep into our everyday lives. Maybe my complete lack of fashion know-how has hindered my Hearst knowledge, but after some research, I'm convinced that she's the coolest person ever. (Pardon me while I work on accepting the fact that I am not cool enough to ever hang out in the same posse as her.) These are eight must-know things about Lydia Hearst.

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