Tiffany Houghton Song "The Best" Will Remind You It's OK Not To Be Friends With Your Ex

You might be surprised by the message in rising star Tiffany Houghton's new song. The singer/songwriter, who is currently on tour with MKTO, has made a name for herself with upbeat pop songs like "High," a classic "girl meets boy, boy makes girl feel amazing" story. But her latest single tells a different tale. In this one, girl meets boy, boy is a total jerk, and girl isn't the least bit sorry about kicking him out of her life for good. The song is called "The Best" and it will resonate with anyone who doesn't exactly wish their ex well.

The song may not seem to go hand-in-hand with Houghton's bubbly sweet persona, but it's exactly the kind of song that we need more of. "The Best" rattles off a list of terrible things that Houghton would like to have happen to her cheating ex who tried to wish her "the best" during their breakup conversation.

Houghton tells me it's a true story.

"I'm having this breakup, and [my boyfriend] uses that classic line, 'Well I wish you the best,' as if that justifies anything. I had known that he had cheated on me... I was like, 'No, I have nothing nice to say to you.' I hate playing that game. I ended up hanging up the phone and I wrote my response to him."

"The Best" certainly has nothing nice to say about Houghton's cheating ex, and why should it? This singer isn't afraid to tell it like it is. More power to you, girl.

Image: Tiffany Houghton