Who's The Actress In The Verizon Ad With All Of The Birds? Yeah, She Should Look Familiar

Without question, you've seen that actress in that Verizon commercial before. You know, the Verizon commercial with all of the birds. I guarantee it. (Well, if you live under a rock that doesn’t get cable or Internet and you never leave said rock, I rescind my guarantee.) (WAIT. If you only exist beneath a cable and Internet-less rock, how did you see the Verizon ad? And how the heck are you reading this right now? What sorcery is this?!?!) The woman casually sipping her coffee as her husband gets swept away by a helicopter-sized winged creature is played by actress/writer/UCB performer/commercial queen Allyn Rachel.

So where is it you've seen Rachel? Uh, in at least one of the million (that's a rough estimation) TV spots she's appeared in. She has been popping up during commercial breaks for years. A few of her ad credits: Skinny Cow, Lucky Charms, Toyota, eBay, MetLife, IHOP... and the list goes on. You can check 'em out on writing partner/ fiancé Patrick Carlyle's YouTube channel.

A few of Rachel's non-ad credits: She had a role in Million Dollar Arm, appeared in multiple episodes of Weeds, and will be in the upcoming ABC comedy Selfie.

Whenever I see this ad, I can't help but think about what a remake of The Birds would be like with Rachel stepping into Tippi Hedren's shoes. So much nonchalance.


Image: Verizon