How do the 'Breaking Bad' Actors Compare to Their Characters?

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Of all the questions we have about Sunday's Breaking Bad season premiere — is Walter going to die? What will Hank do? How soon until someone makes that Star Trek movie idea a reality? — one of them has kept us awake at night: Will Jesse ever be happy again? The poor guy was miserable all episode, whether he was smoking weed in Saul's office or throwing money out car windows. He's far from an innocent bystander, but seeing a clearly torn-up Jesse try to convince Saul to give Mike's money to his granddaughter was heartbreaking.

The only thing that cheered us up? Remembering that Jesse's portrayer, Aaron Paul, is the happiest guy on the planet. Paul isn't the only Breaking Bad cast member whose life is far different than his character's — read on to see how the lives of the actors behind Walt, Skylar, Skinny Pete and more line up with their characters'. Image: AMC

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