17 Travel Books for Explorers, Drifters, and People Who Don't Mind Getting Lost

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You don't need me to tell you that a library card is cheaper than an airplane ticket. You don't need me to wax poetic about the power of the imagination — the way that reading a book can be almost as transformative as experiencing a place in real life, if you just let it take you there, man. You might, however, be interested in my prescription for cabin fever, the insidious no-summer-vacation adulthood blues, and the lingering resentment you get while scrolling through your couch-surfing friends' Instagram feeds. Take one of the following 17 titles every week for a couple of months, and by the time you've skated through Antarctica and wandered the streets of Mexico City with these authors, you'll feel like every one of these chatty, dreamy, overly bold, wildly adventurous ladies is someone you met on a trip of your own.

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