'Bachelorette' Winner Chris Siegfried Is Shielding Himself From Major Des Details

It's been a week since Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock got engaged to Chris Siegfried, but still, after seven days, we can't believe that actually happened. We were all appalled when she accepted Chris's proposal just days after telling Brooks that he was the one, but evidently, Bachelor Nation members weren't the only ones dumb-founded. During a press call with the media, Yahoo reports that Brooks Forester was also surprised while watching the show.

He said:

I had time to consider all of the options of what might possibly be the outcome,” he explained. “I’m excited for them, I wish them the best ... I love Chris, and I think he’s a genuine person and he’s a great guy. I think Desiree got what she deserves — a great guy ... Yeah, to say there was no surprise at all, it would be a stretch. I don’t know what her process was.

That makes two of us, Brooks. Or rather, a billion of us, Brooks. No one knew what her process was. She didn't even explain her process to Chris while standing on that alter in Antigua — she mentioned that there may have been an issue with Brooks, but she certainly didn't explain it.

And as much as Broooks' honest response about his surprise makes us like him more, Chris's response about the Brooks drama makes us like him even less. You guys, he said that HE DIDN'T EVEN WATCH DES AND BROOKS BREAK UP.

Chis asserts that he fast-forwarded through that part because he wants to focus on his relationship going forward, and doesn't want to harp on the past.

Yeah, because burying your head in the sand when it comes to your fiancé's past is always a great idea. Excellent thinking, Chris. Good luck with that.