Ali Larter Reveals Pregnancy on 'The Tonight Show,' Keeping Her Tradition Alive

This former Heroes actress has big news and she just revealed it in the best way. After weeks of keeping her secret from the prying paparazzi, Ali Larter announced she was pregnant on The Tonight Show. For every star it must feel like a huge success to get to reveal they're having a baby on their own terms instead of having tabloids speculate about the status of their womb. But Larter's statement on Friday has even more meaning considering that the last time she was on Fallon's show, she and her husband, actor Hayes MacArthur, were expecting their now three-year-old son Teddy.

"Yeah, I came on and I was pregnant and it went so well," Larter, who now stars in Legends, told Fallon. "I said to my husband, 'I'm going on Fallon, so you know what that means—I gotta get pregnant!'"

Ever the goofball, Fallon leaned forward to talk to Larter's stomach, telling the baby, "Hey buddy, I can't wait to meet you, and we're going to be friends!"

It was a really cute way to announce her pregnancy on TV rather than just releasing a statement to the press. But I hope Larter knows that if she ever gets pregnant again she'll have to reveal it on Fallon just to keep the tradition alive. Fortunately his show is so popular, it'll definitely still be on the air as a platform for her pregnancy news down the line.

Watch her big reveal here:

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