Rob Kardashian Wants Many Kids & The Number Will Seriously Shock You

Surprisingly, Rob Kardashian has gone baby crazy. He's recently been tweeting about his desire to become a father and his appreciation for his little nieces and nephews. Most alarmingly, he recently tweeted "Man I think I need a girl to have about 8 kids for me." This is a pretty strange thing to say for a lot of reasons.

First, I'm not a huge fan of the use of "for." It suggests that Rob's future baby mama is some sort of vessel for his children, rather than a woman who might choose to, I don't know, not be pregnant for the majority of her marriage. You've got to find a woman first, Rob, and then you can talk about how many kids you want. And maybe saying you want eight kids isn't the best way to bring them in, just FYI. Rob is apparently single at the moment, having dated Rita Ora in 2012.

Second, eight kids is a lot of kids. Obviously he's probably using hyperbole, but it's a pretty crazy thing to post publicly to over five million followers. I think it's pretty cute that he's been so openly baby crazy, posting about his niece Nori.

However, I think we would all be OK without eight more Kardashians in the world, and the future Mrs. Rob Kardashian and her uterus would probably agree. Maybe there's a bright side; they'd probably be able to fill all of E!'s programming for the next 40 years.