7 Sneaky Ways to Eat Your Vegetables, Because Healthy Meals Should Never Feel Boring

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It happens to everyone — you set all these goals for yourself to be more aware of what you’re putting into your body, to eat healthier and cut out the junk food. And then, after a week or two of faithfully sticking to your plan, all you can really think about is getting your hands on a big old greasy pizza. Honestly, why deprive yourself? It’s not an effective approach to healthy eating. Instead, I suggest finding ways to work foods that are actually good for you (hi, vegetables) into some of the meals you love.

That’s where I can help. I researched a number of dietary steps to help keep my health goals on track, and most of what I found seemed to revolve around the importance of fiber (veggies) in our diets. So I set myself on a grueling mission to stealthily hide as many vegetables as I could in my food. These are some of my favorite recipe trials.

Image: Tucker

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