Kylie Jenner Turns 17 & Was Offered Shots By Tyga — Big Sister Kendall & Chris Brown Also in Attendance

In the latest Keeping Up news, Kylie Jenner just celebrated her 17th birthday with a party of Kardashian proportions, naturally. According to TMZ, her sister Kendall Jenner, Chris Brown, Tyga, Justin Bieber, and The Game (among others) were all there, and apparently, things got a little out of control. In an Instagram video from the party on Saturday night, Tyga offers the youngest Jenner a tequila shot, clearly saying "Take a shot, take a shot, take a shot!" Though the video ends before we can see whether or not seventeen-year-old Jenner actually ends up drinking, she does reach for the glass Tyga offers her, so it's more than likely she did end up taking that birthday shot. I think it's safe to say momager Chris Jenner probably wasn't in attendance, and she probably isn't thrilled about the video.

It seems youngest Kardashian sibling Kylie Jenner is really serious about making a name for herself independently of her sisters' success. With a modeling career and a new clothing line for PacSun, she's already proving that she's more than just Kim Kardashian's little sister, and she's got the Instagram selfies to prove it. She wants us to know she's not a little kid anymore, but her close friendship with Justin Bieber may be influencing her wild teen tendencies.

I do have to admit, though: not that I condone underage drinking, but getting offered a birthday shot by Tyga on your birthday is kind of the coolest thing ever.


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