Beyonce & Jay Z Aren't Splitting Up — At Least According to Her Latest Instagram — PHOTO

If all you knew about Beyoncé came from her Instagram, you would think that all was rosy in the Knowles-Carter household. Bey's Instagram is a magical land of perfect skin, concert highlights, and adorable photos of Blue Ivy. While Beyoncé would not do anything as gratifying as actually address the rumors floating around about her and Jay Z's potential split, all we can do is try to glean as much info as we can from her beautiful and cryptic posts.

Most recently, she posted a picture in a jersey with "Carter" on the back, captioned only with a kiss emoji. It's a number 4 jersey, a number that seems significant, as it was the name of her 2011 album. Now, imagine how much everyone would be freaking out if it said "Knowles" instead. The implication is pretty obvious; she's on Jay Z's team and she's sticking with her family. Of course, there's also the not-so-hidden message that's in all of Beyoncé's photos, which is "I'm hot AF and everyone wants me." Why wouldn't anyone want her on their team. Beyoncé seems to be trying to dispel rumors with her posts, having also recently shared one of Jay Z and Blue Ivy. This is as pointed at Beyoncé's Instagram gets, so Bey and Jay fans should be relieved that she's suggesting that her marriage is intact.

Image: Instagram/ @beyonce